The Man          &     the Legend

Book by Sterling Swann        Music & Lyrics by Larry Siegel

"The wild frontier lives and breathes again in this inspired, toe-tapping musical about
the spirit of adventure and the true values of fairness and freedom."

S.L. Howard - Faculty, Penn Players - University of Pennsylvania Theatre

Plot synopsis with songs - Click on song titles to hear them in the order they appear in the show

Our story begins in 1834 on a busy street corner in Washington, D.C.
Davy Crockett is hawking his "authentic" biography, giving lots of colorful details to illustrate his legendary life.

Curtain Music, going into I'M DAVY (song begins 1 minute into the track)

This "Davy" turns out to be a fraud like so many others in this era who are pitching false books and stories about Davy Crockett. He's confronted by none other than the genuine Colonel David Crockett himself who is not happy with all the scoundrels selling tall tales about his life. Colonel Crockett returns to his boarding house and his landlady, Mrs. Ball, gives him a great idea on how to confront this problem.


As Crockett starts to spin his life story to Mrs. Ball, we accompany him through his early years of frontier life and raising a family in Tennessee. He finds himself enlisted into the infamous Indian Wars as a scout and, because of his well-known hunting skills, he is given the task of providing food for the hungry soldiers. He witnesses, first hand, the wrong being done to the native tribes in America. He has trouble convincing his comrades, but having come to the realization that the Native Americans are being treated cruelly and unfairly, he quits the Indian Wars. He tells his wife that he now believes it was wrong to drive them off their land and that from now on he will "let them be and hope that they return the favor."

His popularity starts to spread in his corner of Tennessee from tales of his hunting, scouting and leadership. His friends encourage him to run for public office. Campaigning is strange to Davy, but he proves very adept when he uses story telling and a simple creed as his main strategy.


Crockett is elected to the United States Congress and gains a reputation as a man of uncompromising principle. When the president, Andrew Jackson, overrides the Supreme Court to remove all the Indian population in the southeast to lands west of the Mississippi, Davy speaks out against it, knowing that this move is political poison. Andrew Jackson, a headstrong populist, plans to administer the dose himself and ruin Davy's reputation.


Jackson's plan works, and Crockett loses his next election. He returns to Tennessee where he hears about the great war of Texan independence. He heads for San Antonio, explaining to his wife Polly that whenever there's a cause for freedom, he can't resist the call.


Finally, we follow Davy to Texas where he and others bravely attempt to defend the Alamo.
Afterwards, his ghost returns to remind his family and all of us about the importance of freedom and his famous creed:
"Be sure you're right, and then go ahead."

Davy Crockett comes to life again and again — and not only because of his colorful exploits. The real David Crockett inspires us today through his integrity, positive approach to life and unwillingness to bend to popular opinion when he knew it was wrong.

This 50 minute, family-friendly musical has it all:
Great music, lots of action, historical significance and an emphasis on being self reliant!

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