1) Have the number, expiration date and security code of your credit card ready.

2) Have billing address and also the address to which it is to be shipped in mind.

3) Select from this list:
Beyond the Horizon - $16.00
Journeys to the Far Country - $15.00
Color & Harmony - $15.00
No Limitation - $15.00
Songs from the 3rd Octave - $15.00
Great Expectations - $15.00
Real Songs for Real Kids - Volume 1 - $12.00
Real Songs for Real Kids - Volume 2 - $12.00

4) Add shipping:
One CD - $3.75
Two CDs - $5.25
Three CDs - $6.75
Four or more (take as many as you like) - $8.00
Add $2.50 for airmail to Canadian destinations
Add $9.50 for airmail to destinations outside the US and Canada

5) And if it's being shipped to an address in New York State add 8.4% sales tax.
(don't worry, we'll do the math for you)

6) NOW, call 888-678-2972 (a toll free number). If you get voice mail, simply leave all the information as follows:

Say and spell your first and last names.
Name the CD titles you'd like (and how many of each)
Read your credit card number, expiration date, security code and the billing zip code.
Give the shipping address (and name of recipient if it's a gift for someone besides yourself)
If you like you can mention how much you expect the total to be with shipping and tax (if applicable)
Give your email address and/or phone number and we'll contact you with the actual amount billed and a confirmation of your order.
Then go sit by the mailbox and it will arrive in a few days.

If a live person answers... well, then just talk.



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